Well if you're on this page, you're likely wondering what this place is all about.  Well the answer is fairly simple as is the site itself for the most part.  I'm a gambler who was not satisfied with the whole "Provably fair" system that currently infects the interwebz because it's still very possible to cheat those systems and it does happen,  I know this for a fact having recorded billions of rolls and seen the cheating at several sites.  I also just so happen to be a developer thus I set out to build something a little bit different than the usual dice site.  With current "Provably Fair" systems, you have to know the algorithm, create seeds for EVERY roll (which 99% of websites have NO easy UI to do.... for obvious reasons, so they can easily cheat), and "verify" every freaking roll.  None of which any NORMAL user can do without being a developer like myself.  That is just absurd when we have a perfectly good and truly random system that can now be utilized.  Enter, the blockchain BLOCKHASH.  These hashes are always unique and always completely random.  So why not use those for "roll" results and cut out all the other non-sense of the "provably fair" systems in use.

   So thats exactly what I have done here.  We dont have any need for provably fair anything because you simply cant get anymore provable than a blockchain's blockhash, especially Bitcoin.  Now, since these blockhashes are not generated on-demand, we have to adjust how we use them a little bit.  That means creating a game different than the usual dice games that I like.  So this site is just an experiment into using blockhashes for a game.  I have other ideas such as card games (includes poker) and other things but those are for future development if there is demand for it.  I wanted to start off with a game that no one has ever seen before and Hash Wars is what I came up with.  It's similar to a progressive lottery with the exception that you control your own destiny because you can out bid others in a strategic manor.  So there is skill involved in this game which doesnt exist in most other gambling type games.  Poker is an exception which is why it's one of the games I am considering.  I like games of skill with a little bit of randomness sprinkled in for fun.

   If you have suggestions on games that could be run from a blockchain blockhash,  just let me know with a note here on the site using the Support section and it's messaging system.  Also have a look at the FAQ section as it has a LOT of common questions and answers there.
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