A Hash Wars game consists of 4 basic elements. The blockheight, blockhash, lucky number, and slots. A player or the system itself picks a blockheight that hasnt been published to the blockchain yet (AKA: doesnt have a blockhash) and sets its status as an "open game". Users then take guesses as to how many times the number 7 will appear in the blockhash when the block is published. These are called "slots". So if you guess that the number 7 will appear 3 times in the next blockhash, then you will place a bet in "Slot 3". The game then continues until someone has won by guessing the correct slot. If no one guesses correctly, then ALL bets and the entire prize pool are moved to the next future Blockheight (essentially to a new game) and the process starts all over again, new bets can continue to come in aswell. We pick blocks that have not been published yet because no one on this planet knows what the Blockhash is for any Blockheight in the future. Therefore, no one can cheat, not even me :) Pretty slick right :D No need for "provably fair" algorithms or any of the non-sense that comes with them. To validate a "roll", just check the block's blockhash lol. It doesnt get any simpler than that. No more having to code your own DB app to record rolls, change seeds, etc. That's all 20th century crap. This is the 21st centure :)

A slot is another name for the number of times that the number 7 will appear in a blockhash. So if the number 7 appears 10 times, then anyone who has a bet in "Slot 10" has a chance to win if their bet is in the top 3 for that slot! There are 64 available "slots" excluding 0. That should cover most of the cryptos that we will support in the future. We dont include 0 because it's a good way to promote roll over balances to make prize pools larger everyonce in a great while (AKA progressive pots). If every game is won, then game balances will never roll over and have a chance to continue to increase in size. We may block out other slots in the future if games are to easily won. It's no fun to win small pots, but its lots of fun to win really big pots :).

I like LoTR and dwarves, so it only made sense to me to use 7 as there are 7 Dwarf-lords and they each got a ring, so 7 rings for the Dwarf-lords and 1 ring to rule them all (0, it's circular, cant be selected... ok bad joke lol). I was thinking of using 69 instead but that doesnt show up as much as a single digit and it didnt really fit a LoTR theme. I have also not noticed any difference between 7 or the other numbers 01234567890abcdef. They all appear to show up an equal amount of times over a long period. Same goes for double digits such as 69. 69 shows about about as much as say, 01 or a1 or b7. So I did select a single digit in order to increase the chances for a win. If we find that games are won to much, we may add a 2nd digit which would cause prize pools to increase but win rates to decrease. Which way to go as far as frequency of wins and what not is probably going to be determined by the players via games they start on their own and polls that I plan to put up on the subject. Do players prefer lots of easier won, small pots, or larger pots that are harder to be won.

Yes, you can start your OWN games and then you can even promote your own game elsewhere to get people to play in it if you like. Similar to a "referral" code I guess, but not really. You can also make your game last as long as you want by changing the "Lucky Number". The more digits you make that lucky number, the longer the game is likely going to last. However, it also decreases the number of times its going to show up. So you're best bet is to place a bet on slot 1 for a game that has a lucky number of say, 6969. If you use a single digit number, then the slot to pick becomes more difficult because a single digit can show up more than once much more easily than a combination of numbers, but it also means the game is likely to be won quicker since the chances of that single digit showing up in every blockhash is extremely high.

Another way to extend the life of a game over a long period of time is your first initial bet size. The larger you make the bet, the larger the threshold is going to be before the game can end. So if you're a whale and you make a massive bet (like 5BTC or something), it's probably going to take months, if not more, in order for the threshold to reach it's required amount because not everyone is a whale like you ;) so it takes LOTS of small bets to reach that amount. Consequently, the reverse is true as well. The smaller your bet, the quicker the games threshold is likely to be hit.

You can start new games here echo Start New Game!

This is a game of war hence the name Hash WARS lol. If you're going to try to win a war, you need to do so with decisive attacks :) Therefore in the spirit of war, there is a 3% buffer that must first be attained before you can take over first place. So if someone has a 100VTC 1st place standing in slot 7 (or whatever slot you're playing in), you'll have to put up 103VTC or MORE on slot 7 in order to take over the 1st place spot. This rule does NOT affect the other ranks of 2nd and 3rd place. So if someone has a 100VTC second place bet, you can get away with 100.00000001 and take over 2nd place. So there's going to be a lot of small bets for the lower ranks, but 1st place betting wars are for those willing to actually enter into a REAL battle ;)

A house seeded game means that the house put in a certain amount to kickstart the prize pool but the house has no 'bet' in the game at all. A player seeded game means that the first bet of a new game that was not seeded by the house will become the seed amount for that game. Both game types have a 'threshold' requirement that are calculated exactly the same.

The house percentage (the amount it gets before prizes are awarded) also differs for each game type. For house seeded games, the house gains much more than player seeded games because it's the one putting up the capitol to start the game so it should be compensated for that. The house receives less compensation for player seeded games by a WIDE margin. Example, for house seeded games, not only does the house get back 100% of it's seed amount which is taken out of the prize pool before prizes are awarded, but it also gets 4.75% of the left over prize pool as well. So this means that while you may win larger amounts from house seeded games simply due to the large prize pool amount, percentage wise it means you actually gain less of the actual prize pool. For player seeded games, the house only gets 0.1% of the prize pool while the 1st place WINNER (may not be the user who seeded the game) is awarded about TWICE the original seed amount. In otherwords, the house edge drops from 4.75% to 0.1% for player seeded games which benefits the players by a huge margin. In the future we may even consider lowering it even further but for now, 0.1% is almost unheard of in the gambling industry.

The threshold level insures that the prize pool is large enough to always return the seed amount to the house or to provide the 1st place winner double the original bet that started the game (the 1st bet of a non-house seeded game is the seed amount for that game). A game wont 'complete' until that threshold has been met. The threshold is only increased when a player makes a new bet. So if a game's threshold is not met, all bets and the prize pool itself are rolled over to the next game (a new future Blockheight).

The threshold amount needs to be able to provide the seed user (whether thats the house or a player) some amount either equal to or greater than the seed amount itself. The same formula is used for both game types with only the numbers being slightly different. See below 2 examples.

Example 1: House seeds a game with 0.5, thus when the game is won, it needs to be able to pay back 0.5 and still leave an amount for the players to divy up as a prize. So when the game is won for a house seeded game, it first pays the house 100% of it's seed amount before calculating the prizes for the players. Once that is done, there will be 0.5 left, of which 0.25 would go to first place, etc.

Formula: (SEED_AMOUNT * 200%) = MinimumRequiredPrizePoolBeforeGameWillEnd;

Required threshold Prize pool is calculated as: (0.5 + 200%) = 1;

House takes original seed amount from the prize pool (1 - 0.5 == 0.5).

House takes 4.75% of the left over prize pool(0.5 * 4.75%): 0.02375

The new prize pool for the player awards is now: 0.5 - 0.02375 == 0.47625

1st place (which is 50% of 0.47625): 0.238125

2nd place (which is 35% of 0.47625): 0.1666875

3rd place (which is 15% of 0.47625): 0.0714375

Example 2: Player XYZ seeds a game with 0.5 by making 0.5 the 1st bet in slot 6 on a game that has no bets in any slots yet, thus when the game is won, it needs to be able to pay 1st place with at least 1.0 or more (roughly 200% of the seed amount). So when the game is won for a player seeded game, it SKIPS paying the house any of the seed amount and only pays the house 0.1% of the prize pool. Once that is done, there will be roughly 2.0 left, of which about 1.0 would go to first place, etc.

Formula: (SEED_AMOUNT * 400%) = MinimumRequiredPrizePoolBeforeGameWillEnd;

Required threshold Prize pool is calculated as: (0.5 + 400%) = 2;

House takes 0.1% from the prize pool: 0.002.

The new prize pool for the player awards is now: 2 - 0.002 == 1.998

1st place (which is 50% of 1.998): 0.999

2nd place (which is 35% of 1.998): 0.6993

3rd place (which is 15% of 1.998): 0.2997

The 3 winners get 100% of the prize pool after the house takes it's cuts for unseeded/seeded games. Here is the percentage break down for this:

1st Place: 50% of the prize pool

2nd Place: 35% of the prize pool

3rd Place: 15% of the prize pool

If only 2 players win the below is used

1st Place: 50% of the prize pool

2nd Place: 35% of the prize pool

1st place gets 50% of 3rd Place: 7.5% of the prize pool

2nd place gets 50% of 3rd Place: 7.5% of the prize pool

If only 1 player wins, 1st places runs the table and gets ALL 3 places which is 100% of the prize pool.

I dont want to promote 'scam' cryptos so I only have 2 which I know are not scams. I use Bitcoin for the main game and Vertcoin is the "dev" crypto. I will use Vertcoin to test things before I bring it into any Bitcoin games. I thought about using Litecoin for this, but Litecoin is just to expensive to be used as a "dev" crypto now (maybe in 2017 it would have been possible). So some of you may ask 'Then why not use Dogecoin as the dev crypto?'. Simple. Dogecoin is IMO a SCAM crypto. It is literally nothing more than the USD in crypto form. It's 100% an inflationary crypto where as Bitcoin, Litcoin, and Vertcoin are the complete opposite. The whole point of crypto IMO is to get away from inflationary GARBAGE such as the USD. Also, Vertcoin is actually a fork of Litecoin and it's still minable via Graphics Cards. I mine the hell out of Vertcoin with my machines here so I have lots of Vertcoin available to me simply from mining it. You can mine Vertcoin too, it's SUPER easy and you can even mine WHILE YOU PLAY 3D GAMES! So yes, you can play Halo AND mine Vertcoin at the same time! You cant do that with any other GPU minable coin because the mining will make the machine unusable for playing games or even just using it in general. Another option would have been to use the "Test Net" of Bitcoin, but thats boring and it doesnt really simulate a live chain very well. I prefer to use live chains of cheap cryptos for testing :)

Another reason I use Vertcoin is because it also has faster block times than Bitcoin. So it's games are actually started and completed faster than Bitcoin in both it's live chain and test net chain. It has 2 min blocks rather than 10 mins (Litecoin has 2 min blocks as well but again, LTC costs to much now to be a "test" coin). So for Hash Wars that means you can play quicker games that dont break the bank and not have to wait around 30, sometimes even 60 mins for a game to complete. The most you'll wait is probably 15-20 mins, but most games complete in about 1-5 mins (assuming people are actively betting of course, games can also drag out due to low betting volume, so tell your friends about this game lol).

No and I cant see a future where that is the case (although things do change and I am adaptable if need be). Referral programs are red flags of Ponzi/Pyramid schemes and scams! If something related to crypto (gambling sites, new crypto projects, investment sites, etc) has a referral program, steer clear of it. I dont use sites that have referral programs because they are always scams and I wont allow my own site to fall into that category. The best example I know of to point you to as an example is the Bitconnect scam and it's retarded referral scheme. I still cant believe how many people fell for that scam and how big it got before it finally collapsed. Anyway, all referral programs are exactly like Bitconnect regardless of what the site or anyone else tells you. They are just lying to you if they say otherise. The only exceptions are usually sites like Amazon and their referral program. Thats an example of a legit referral application. Otherwise, 90-95% of the time, anything that has a "referral" program is attempting to use new money to pay old money and that's the very definition of a pyramid/ponzi scam and I want nothing to do with anything like that. Instead what I have is player seeded games. If a player seeds a game, they stand to win TWICE their seed amount if they can get players to make bets on their game. So it's advantageous for them to promote their own games to others. Otherwise the game will just continue on forever and never actually end if it never reaches the threshold requirement. Of course they also have a chance to lose their investment if someone makes a bet larger than theirs. Thats as close to a "referral" program as I am willing to get right now.

This happens when your bet accounts for 50% or more of the prize pool. This is on purpose and it penalizes whales for trying to use their deep bags to win every game without giving anyone else a chance to win. The larger your bet, the less you are going to win. So there is a balancing act which requires skill and excellent decision making in order to beat your opponents and be profitable doing it. This is war after all, if you nuke everyone, there wont be any spoils of war left to plunder :)

Yes absolutely, but it's up to you to figure out what they are :) There are actually 3 slots that come up more often than others. "Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated"

Currently, no. You have to just keep refreshing the game details page. Using email would be far to resource intensive and it would be a nightmare trying to maintain such a service with all the email blacklists, etc. I may enable 'Pushover' if I get enough requests for this type of feature. It's a Push service that you can install on your android phone and then I can send it push notifications. Besides, emails also are identifiable pieces of information. I dont want any identifiable information of you on my servers. I dont believe in KYC and neither do most people who are interested in crypto and this is after all, a crypto based site :) To hell with KYC.

No absolutely not! If you use TOR to access this website, you are 100% anonymous. Also, my servers do not log IP addresses either (although you cant verify that yourself, which is why you should still use TOR regardless of whatever I or anyone else says). I have setup apache's log files specifically to NOT capture IP addresses. I have no need for those.

Yes, I dont care how many accounts you make since there really isnt any point to having more than 1 account anyway.

Yes, I dont care if you use a bot or not but dont ask me to create one for you. You'll have to make one yourself or pay to have one made.

The fees change constantly based on the blockchain's congestion level. Some days it'll be dirt cheap, other days, it wont be so cheap. I know one thing though, I get 0% of any fees from withdrawals and you'll see that in the transaction on the block explorer. I also dont have a way to estimate fees either because the bitcoin RPC client developers dont think that knowing a fee BEFORE the TX is actually broadcast to the network is a useful feature (which I think is utterly stupid) and I'm not about to create one myself trying to loop through all the UTXOs and creating "Raw Transactions" just for something as simple as a fee estimation tool. It's decisions like this that are causing bitcoin and crypto in general to have such a SLOW adoption rate. Forcing devs to constantly re-invent wheels is NOT how you entice developers, it actually has the complete opposite effect. Electrum has a proper fee estimation feature (allows estimating a fee BEFORE the TX is actually broadcast), but electrum doesnt work with any crypto other than Bitcoin and it also requires you to host your own electrum server for each crypto or use someone else's electrum server. I prefer using the core wallets using Prune mode enabled instead, an electrum server wont work in pruned mode that I'm aware of.

No, chat is not moderated. It's so simple that there isn't even an "admin" or "moderator" access level. Chats are not removed until they scroll past the 3000 chat buffer limit. So if someone is trash talking you, put on your bigboy pants and fight back, the chat isnt meant to be a family friendly place. It's for competitive trash talking assholes :D. If spamming becomes a problem, I'll likely look at adding Discord integration instead as I'm not here to re-invent the chat wheel. The focus of this site is on the game itself and I dont want chat to distract from that. So, we'll see how it goes. The chat feature itself may be removed completely if it's abused to much. It's only there for convenience and isn't really a "necessary" item for the site to work.

While "responsive" design is all the rage these days, the truth of the matter is that it adds 5x more CSS code to a site and I am not interested in adding that to my workload right now. It's also a nightmare to maintain because changing something at one breakpoint runs the risk of breaking that element in another breakpoint. So the site is designed to be the same height/width regardless of the device you use. It's best used on a device of at least 1920x1080 which is pretty much any computer or smart phone these days. Most decent smart phones will have no issue navigating this site with a little finger scrolling. If you want to offer up a redesign that looks great at all breakpoint levels and is easy to maintain CSS wise, send me what you put together and I'll consider a bounty payment for the layered PSD files.

Probably not. I do have the ability to ban accounts but I cant really think of a reason to do so (yet anyway). It's more likely that your account was hacked, in which case, see the FAQ below about how to reset the password. If I ban your account, you're going to know it. It wont just be a silent shadow ban or something where you just mysteriously cant login anymore. I want people to know that I banned them for a reason. That way they dont keep beating their head against a wall and I dont have to keep banning them for the same reasons over and over. It's a waste of time to shadow ban non-social media type accounts. This isnt twitter, youtube, etc where shadow banning is an effective means of censoring and muffling those you dont agree with. So if you somehow manage to get the Thor's ban hammer, plan on feeling it ;)

Yes I will reset passwords but only under ONE condition: You sign a msg using the address of your FIRST deposit here to prove that you own the crypto account that the deposit came from. If you cant do that, then I'm sorry, your account is gone forever. That's it, thats the ONLY circumstance I will EVER change someone's password. If you lost the account or it was "hacked" somehow, then you've lost everything and I will absolutely not help you recover it. Use it as a valuable lesson in how to secure your own crypto. You should ALWAYS have the ability to sign msgs from the crypto accounts that you use. If you're using an exchange as your wallet AND you lost your pw here, then I am 100% going to penalize you for that because this is a "Not your keys, not your crypto" world. That should teach you a valuable lesson in securing your own funds. Exchanges are NOT to be used as a wallet. Ever. For any reason, I dont care what you or anyone else says. Just like you shouldnt use this site as your own personal wallet. If you deposit here, it's my crypto, not yours. I will allow you to use it for as long as you're a good patron, just like any other exchange or site that allows you to "deposit" crypto. Abide by the site's rules and you wont have any issues. You MUST realize that it's NOT your crypto once it leaves your wallet. So all that crypto you have on Coinbase, Binance, etc, NONE of it is "your" crypto since you dont own the keys. The same applies here. Does that seem ruthless? Go breaks some rules at an exchange and find out how ruthless "not your keys, not your crypto" is and then come back and report your experiences. I'm sure you'll have nothing interestingly new to report that I dont already know, but I bet you'll have something new to report to yourself if you dont understand how keys work :) 50 bux says you'll quickly learn how to manage a wallet that YOU control though lol. So do us all a favor now, DONT deposit from an exchange here please, it's the only mistake I wont help you fix. If you do, it's at your OWN risk. I cant tell the difference between exchange deposits and deposits from a normal wallet. So there's also that angle as well. Also, for those of you out there who are going to try to steal people's crypto from here (and I know there will be some), dont go trying to steal other's pwd's by saying you deposited from an exchange and cant sign the address. It simply wont work since I warn against deposits from exchanges here in the first place. Hack their account some other way, I'm not going to be the middle man.

Heh, I have built MANY websites over the years and this one eventually pops up at some point. In general, NO I will not sell it. But I am human and if you offer a price I cant refuse, well, then so be it. But I doubt you'll reach that mark, it's got lots of 0's in it preceded by a 9 with no decimal points followed by these 3 letters: BTC :) If you can pull that off, either you're Jack Dorsey looking to buy me out or Satoshi himself and in either case, I'm game lol. Bottom line, if it's not enough to retire on, dont even consider making an offer.

Hash Wars © & ™ All rights reserv.... yada yada yada, we're not out to sue anyone. Just play nice and we'll all be fine :) We're not responsible for your illegal behavior in whatever country you reside in. We're not the police nor will we be forced to be such an agency either. So if it's illegal for you to be playing here for some stupid reason, then go here instead like a good little sheep: The 20 Most Useless Websites on the Internet